The most popular aspect or viewpoint must be right. Mainstream is true and safe. The things learned at school, college, or University are the trustworthy authorities in our societies. The education they propogate are true, because our society is thriving and becoming richer. Everyone is seeking what these institutions are offering. As Christian people we strive to get our children through education and get a status in society. We do not actually know what our youngsters are being taught, but we trust that our systems are right and proper. We tend to be focused on content, rather than attitude, philosophy and belief systems. 

How do you respond to the above statements.?

Jesus is not mainstream. He is “outside the camp.” The Christian person is not the popular person. The claims and demands of Christ cause the redeemed soul to realise they are going to be outsiders too. It will be very difficult, maybe impossible, to fit comfortably into secular systems. There will be prices to pay and sacrifices to be made for the witness of Christ and the message of salvation through faith by grace alone. Everything the Christian is and is about is not regarded. If your children do not fit neatly into the pressures of school, they will have quite large difficulties. 

How do we respond to this situation?

Why do Christians have to be the sidelined and misunderstood? Is this necessary?

The short answer is that Jesus walked this road and suffered these injustices and prejudiced long before us. We should not expect fair treatment and the easy road to heaven. The road our Saviour took was lonely and led Him to Calvary. If we are following close, this will be our experience too.

The longer answer, but not comprehensive since we all walk our own path, means learning the Scriptures, prayer and a daily close walk with God in the power of the Spirit. There are no organisations that will protect you or bolster your faith- only Christ. This is the power of the individual Christian. This is the strength we have to walk with God and know His presence in our lives every day in every way. 

Faith is the only strength we have and it is the ultimate strength. Faith will bring you through and as you pray for your family and friends, they will experience it too, as God allows. 

God answers the prayers of the righteous – those who follow close and believe with all their hearts. They believe enough to obey everything God says and they listen to His voice in the revelation of God – the holy Scriptures. Everything else will fail, because we cannot please God apart from faith. 

We must teach strength and resilience in our children. We must master the ability to reason, discuss, debate and ask searching questions of all things we hear. Children tend to pick up what their parents think and believe, and we should teach them to question us also. We teach them that only God is truth and to know Him personally is to know truth and follow in the way of Christ. 

Our arguments must be based in reason and the revealed Word of God. The skills of compliance and the ability to acquiesce, are not healthy. Those who believe follow Christ alone and obedience to Him. As we do this we find life in all its fullness. His way is the living way and leads to eternal life and peace. Others will see and perhaps ask questions themselves of the belief system they follow. 

God teaches His children to fight and resist the temptations to give way to fear. Because we do not follow the mainstream, we must not fall victim to the pressures to give things up for peace. Peace comes from God when we repent and submit to Him. That means we do not submit to others or the falsehoods fed to us by a corrupt world system. Those who really seek God, give up the desire to be accepted and are satisfied with Him only. This is peace. 

Leave the mainstream to the ordinary and those who blindly follow the edicts of human society. Christians focus on being extraordinary. Christ is God and we are His people and strive to be like Him. Let the bonds of popularity go and walk the path of freedom. 

“If the Son makes you free you will be free indeed.”   John 8:36 WEB

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