Sally is a little rescue dog. Her life up to this point, has not been good. Yet somehow she has maintained a kind and peaceful demeanour and loves Carys, my step mother. Since my Dad died two years ago, life for Carys has become very alone, and aged bones do not keep exercised as much as younger ones. 

Sally came along. She is with Carys always. She goes to church with Carys on Sunday morning and sits quietly beside her chair. When the people stand up to sing, Sally stands up too. Do you think God recognises the small gesture from a little rescue dog? 

When Carys gets up to play the piano, Sally goes too and she sits and watches her owner play the tunes for the people to sing. Such devotion…

Seems like greater devotion than many Christians I have known. We are so casual the way we approach God’s throne of grace. We seem to constantly ask for things, but never adore Him or love Him for who He is. I think maybe Sally needs to teach people some lessons… maybe we should let dogs-that-care, into our lives, to show us how to care for the people in our lives. 

The Lord Jesus talked about the praise from little children… do we hear from them in church.? He loves to hear their words and songs. Children are sincere and haven’t yet learned the cynicism of a sick world. Similarly, the little dog lived with use and abuse, and yet maintained a loving heart… 

Should we wish it, we learn from humbler things than ourselves. When we lower our foolish minds to appreciate what the humble Lord of all things loves, we could make a difference. 

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