Building a house

Proverbs 24:3-4 NIV  “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”

The home of the Christian is a precious place. It is designed, kept and furnished by the fruit of labour and love. It is a home that welcomes others, especially those who are in need and cannot repay. It is full of beautiful systems that enable the people who live there to do wonderful deeds and exercise their God-given abilities for His glory. It exhibits the love between the people who live there and the blessing of the Almighty God and Father of this family. All is kept and clean and presented as warm and comfortable to all who go there. It is a mirror of the heavenly home and points the way to peace and security. 

This home is run and maintained in wisdom, found only in God. As knowledge grows in the person of God and His ways, so the house reflects the honour and rare beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ. As time goes by, the beauty of that home is seen and it becomes a blessed place.  

The home of the fellowship of the Saints in this world should also be such a place of comfort, refuge and joy. It is not a part time place of inactivity, but operates as a fully functioning oasis in a sinful world, for Christians and the unbeliever alike. The idea of a special building that is only used once a week, is not a scriptural picture. The temple of old was a full time building that met the needs of the community, physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially. God is able for all things and He calls to us to come to Him and be blessed. Some cite the “Holy of Holies” as only for the High Priest to go into. But after Christ’s once for all offering, the way to God is open and free. We have free access into His holy presence, through the spilt blood. We come in awe and reverence and holy fear, for God is a consuming fire. This awe does not depend on the place, or what we are wearing, but on our understanding of who He is and the forgiven hearts we now possess because of His salvation. 

The Christian’s home with God will be such a breathtaking place, in beauty, joy and worship. All will be there for our pleasure and peace. A home fully prepared in advance of our arrival and one we shall never leave. That home has no boundaries, no pain or sin. It is as every home should be with Christ as the centre and sun and the power of the Spirit freely given. This home is for the wise. This home is filled with all the treasure of God that the Christian has accumulated in this life. Spiritual fruit abounds and our gifts given in love come to full expression. 

Our bodies are the dwelling place of God the Holy Spirit. As we progress in the Christian life, so His deep and thorough work is seen in us. The ongoing renewal of our souls and the daily repentance for sins makes us quite different to the unbeliever. The beauty of God in word and deed should be seen in us and the rare treasures of a heart and mind given over to God are apparent. The life of the Christian is so completely different to a worldly wise person. We have wisdom, understanding and knowledge, which furnish us with the rare and beautiful character of the child of God. 

We build our houses. Houses to God and for God. Houses that last into eternity. Houses that glorify God and reflect Him.

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