Spiritual psychosis

This disease of the soul is linked with what Paul talked about in the book of Romans… I don’t do the things I should do and I do the things I shouldn’t do. Psychosis is a state of mind where a person thinks and acts contrary to what they are like as a person. Their mind becomes negative, or positive – too positive, and they start to think thoughts that are not true, and the mind gets very mixed up. At times thoughts are recognized as not true, and sometimes, false thoughts are regarded as true. Sometimes the person thinks all the thoughts are real and sometimes they can see that they couldn’t be real at all. It can be confusing and dangerous for the person.

Sometimes in our Christian life we forget who we really are. We forget what we have been saved from and forget what we are supposed to be doing. We stay away from God’s word. Perhaps it challenges us too much, we find it too hard to swallow, and a kind of spiritual psychosis sets in. We start to behave like we are not Christians at all. We certainly don’t think like Christians, we think in worldly ways and justify ourselves. We begin to want the things other people have got. Wanting physical things, and emotional things, so spiritual considerations go out the window.

And so the psychosis takes over our souls. We become not like Christ, and we stop seeking Him. The disease is very dangerous for our souls, because we can get in a state of mind where we cannot discern right from wrong. We cannot discern the things in the world and the things in spiritual life. We become mixed up and confused and we mistake our own deadness for something else. We think we are living in a reality because we are following the way of this world, when we are wandering off the path of the cross onto a seemingly rational and more comfortable route.

We must find the way out of this. To override the fake reason of ungodly thinking is very difficult if the person has changed their life-style to accommodate the psychotic thinking. The most powerful way to alleviate the pain and break the bonds that have grown up around the person, is though prayer. Not one of us can change anything, even the human mind. Not out own, or anyone elses. But the love of Christ can break every barrier and change any mind and heart so quickly.

We try to change the habit and life-style of people in the hope they will “snap out of it” but it never works. We must pray without ceasing for our suffering friends and family. Pray that God will show them the reality and will break the chains that have snapped around their lives. We can counsel all we like, but if the person is unwilling or unable, you will not make a difference.

“It is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.”There is really no other way. The question is, are you willing to pray for them? Will you stay up at night to pray? This is the rub, for us. We don’t really understand that we are involved in a spiritual warfare, and only spiritual weapons will do. We don’t see the value in that kind of sacrificial praying. Its no wonder we are so weak…

If it is you in the grip of this psychosis, just ask the Lord Jesus to help you to overcome it. Read the scriptures a bit at a time, and just follow the way you find taught there. He is so kind. He will draw near to you in a very special way, and He will make you so strong and full of love for Him. Don’t give up. He is able to bear you up and lead you and teach you, over time, and you will find yourself changing. The things you don’t want to do, you will have strength to not do them. The things you want to do, but had no strength to do them, you will be strong in the Lord your God. People who fall and fail badly, turn out to have a deep and strong love for their Saviour. They will in turn be the ones who will minister to other sufferers, and so God is honoured in their lives.

Psychosis is a fake state of mind… may our minds be fully engaged with Christ, so we become like Him.

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