I am something to God, not a nothing.

The world is full of “put-downs” that make me feel second best.

God does not think of me as a worthless piece of dirt. The value He puts on me as a unique person of His making, is shown in the fact that He Himself, the mighty God, came down to make me His own.

He forgives my wrongdoing and raises me up and brings me into His own family, His daughter or son, and brother or sister with Jesus and heir to the whole creation.

Jesus has made it possible for me to have this as a gift, if I repent from my sins and believe in Him.

I belong to Jesus, and can ask for all things in His glorious name. I am His precious child, and that will never change, because it is by His grace He has saved me.

Some day I shall be made the person I am supposed to be and shall reign over His everlasting kingdom and no one will put me down or label me as second class.

I love Him because He loved me first and bought my forgiveness by shedding His own blood. So I am something to God. And not just something, but someone who will rule with Him forever.

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