The gamble of your life…


I wonder if you are willing to admit you gamble…

Gambling used to be a hidden and darker side of human activity, but these days it is completely acceptable and great fun (it would seem). You can do it anywhere, on your computer, phone or at the betting shop. You can do it anytime, even while doing your shopping in the supermarket. The pictures we get show people having a wonderful time, bright colours and golden stars will surround you and you will always win. It doesn’t take long to realise that it is all empty promises, that take your money and leave you with nothing to show for it.

Perhaps you woud be interested in the greatest gamble there is…

This is a foolish gamble which many people take to their own destuction. The question as to whether there is a God or not is one that we all must face up to. We all ask the question of wether or not, at the end of life, we die like animals and are annihilated never to know anything ever again? This is surely the main question mankind faces in all times, and in our days too. If God is a fanciful being who is not really there, then believing in Him will cause no loss at the end. But if He is real, the unbeliever will loose everything and face the unltimate loss of their very selves, forever.

The unbeliever will find in horror, that their “bet” was on the wrong side, and they face eternity paying for their own sins. To suddendly realise that you were wrong about the most basic issue in life and eternity, will bring untold terror.

The wager is one we need to carefully consider and ensure we do not keep our lives in this life, and loose them in the next. Jesus said, that the person who looses their life in this world, will gain true life in the world to come. Whereas the person who holds on to the here and now will eventually loose all.

Surely this is one gamble too far. This is not a question that can be treated rashly or with a passing thought, like a quick flutter on a bet. We need to seek out the truth, until we find it and then to believe what God says and trust fully in our saviour, Jesus. This truth is the Bible, where we see God and we can know Jesus Christ, who came to open our eyes and see reality. He is not willing that we are tricked. He does not want us to end up, dupped by this world and gambling with our soul, only to loose it forever.

The stakes could not be higher. Are you trusting in the all-powerful, ever-living God, or resting in your own sense of peace.? None of our good works will prevail with God. He looks for faith alone, that rests on His mercy and love, in the person of Jesus. Its easy! And yet so difficult. God says, that those who seek Him with all their hearts, will find Him.

That’s a certain promise…

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