Are you taking any prescription medications?!!
Are you taking any non-prescription medications?!!
All the best people take some kind of medication. Preferably not self-medication. That’s the road to dependency and ever growing addiction to whatever it is you take to fill the gap.

For a time in my life, I found myself needing to smoke cigarettes. And every day having a drink, to get my thoughts and mindset down from the ceiling. It worked somewhat, but took away the desire for the necessities of life. Eating was not a priority and sleeping was difficult. Somehow I managed to keep going and hold down a demanding job, run the household and various other activities. It wasn’t a great time. I was heading for a crash.

I am glad for researchers who seek and find medications to help people suffering in all kinds of ways. We hear about doctors and nurses, but not much about researchers in laboratories. I am thankful to them for their unseen work.

However, I hate taking pills. When I take them I can almost hear God saying. “You need these, Shirley, and you need me. Don’t despise the help provided…”

Pills feel like a prop. Pills make me realise I do have a dependency, not on the pills, but on God. I am glad of that. We are not just physical bodies. We are souls. The spiritual soul has a physical body and the two are together in the person. As the physical body needs sustenance, so also the spiritual. The body at times needs medication, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that. Also our souls. Sometimes we become so hurt by the unfairness and coldness from people around us, that our soul suffers. We need the precious Word. We need the precious promise of the Word of God to support our spiritual hurts.

Isaiah 26:3-4,8-9,12,19-20 NIV
“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.”

We all need the strength of the One who made us and who has died to redeem us from the curse of the law, which condemns us. Jesus alone us the Saviour of our souls. It is He who will bring the whole person into a safe and eternal place of glory with Him. We need Him above all else, but that does not mean we will not need medication at times, or even for longer times. As our bodies need aid, so also our souls.

It is no shame to need help. It helps us keep the balance of life in our bodies and souls. It keeps us remembering we are more that the parts of our being, and we need the Sustainer of life to give us life. Dependence on God is how it’s supposed to be, and only He can bring us safely home.

In the meantime we take our meds…. physical meds and spiritual meds… and walk with God in a worthy manner… without holiness, no one will see the Lord…


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