O the depths of riches, to be found in the love of Christ. Who can come to a final conclusion about their true extent, or summarize the effect of that love on human history. The tragedies averted, the joys blessed, the troubles allowed and the deepest of needs satisfied.

The effect of that love and power on a human life is immeasurable. We can examine the minute detail of the application of His mercy, but we must conclude it is beyond our understanding. Heaven will not tire of the praises of God’s people, nor will it be too long to tell out the life story of every saint who has walked and talked with Him.

These are the treasures we possess and they well up in our souls in true love and the holy possession of a life that never ends. The depths of colour, beauty and sheer perfection belong to all who trust in him and are prepared to forgo the foolish toys of this miserable world, and reach out to joys that do not end. We fight to know the effects in our lives here and now, but one day we will enjoy the full extent of their blessings.

If we could get a glimpse of it, we would catch a taste of what we are missing out on, and turn and seek Him, who is the soul’s true delight and our friend forever. Like the sweetness of honey, it will fill our desires with all good things, and lead us to seek more. As we see Him, all of life is a testament to grace, and our expression of love towards Christ and his people. It is the bond that joins every believer to Jesus and others who truly belong to Him.

We will have a clearer vision of why we are still left in this physical sphere of earthly life, and our hearts will enlarge to include those around us who do not know our Lord, and who live life on the precipice of tragedy and despair.

Only Jesus. It seems so exclusive to our human minds, but to have Him is everything. If we know Him and His love, it will fill us to include everyone, even those who revile us and scoff at our seeming simple-ness of mind. To be like Him is our true desire, and to persevere in that difficult road, until we reach the end, is the way of the Christian. We continue to travel along it until the day when we are finally welcomed into our father’s house.

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