Limitless mind formula… The age of drugs


The human mind is already “limitless.” it can project itself anywhere, any time and even beyond death into eternity. Christians know God. We know the infinite, all-powerful, all glorious God, and can grow in understanding Him and His ways, with minds spiritually alive to Him.

God has made every mind as He intended and has given us the abilities we need to strengthen and develop our minds, by using them in different ways. Our main problem as human beings is, we are lazy. We always want something for nothing, without expending ourselves. We want to know without being it. We want to understand without the effort of study or research. We want strength without the discipline of eating and sleeping and excercise. We want cleanliness, or the semblance of it, with out washing. We want minds that work, but without the disciple and effort of training them.

This seems to be why we turn to short cuts, namely, drugs of various kinds. We never learn. When we meddle with how things are, and start wanting and looking for short cuts, we get this kind of answer – drugs to enhance and quicken our natural abilities. People gullibly take it up. There are dreadful and unknown side- effects. Neural pathways that are not within our range of experience, are set up and cognitive health problems ensue because we do not know everything about even the most seemingly innocuous drugs we have come up with. So our health is compromised and we loose sensitivity to our own needs.

A quote from a user: “Shortly thereafter, I began to feel a warm, crisp fuzziness. Normally a scatterbrain, I felt myself concentrating with an uncustomary attention, focused intently on my work, working faster, harder than before.  I was pleased with this effect, but not quite convinced this was the same “Limitless” pill that I was expecting. Sure, it gave me a boost, but was it really worth the price tag?”

This persons concern is the price of the drug… it is amazing that we are so willing to play about with our minds, our psyche and our ability to think for ourselves. We seem to ignore the “feelings” and just accept them as harmless. The next day, the experience this person had was stronger and deeper.

Stimulating the mind unnaturally, brings illness of some sort. Using drugs often leads to mind illness and various types of psychosis. Messing about with chemicals that change the working of the mind and trying to “enhance” it, is folly. We don’t know anywhere near enough about our minds to even think about this situation. This is another comment about a different memory drug on line…

 “Limitless Brain Pills Benefits Include: Fight Age Related Cognitive Decline; Boost Brain Power And Energy; Supports Long/Short Term Memory Decrease Brain Fog & Boost Energy; Powerful Nootropic Ingredients; All Natural Clinically Proven Formula. They offers a unique blend of ingredients that are made to help you achieve your full potential. Sometimes you might notice yourself suffering from a lack of concentration or other such adverse effects this is specifically what these memory pills were designed for.”

These recipes are sold as scientific products that are tried and tested. The phrases, “Brain power, brain energy, brain fog” are not exactly medical terms that you can examine or look up in proper research data. “Achieving your full potential..” What is that? Who knows what their full potential is?

The language is to draw us in and get us to think it is Ok. We want results!

People down through time have tried taking drugs to enhance aesthetic and creative powers in the mind, with disastrous results. People who suffer from mind illness often have strong powers of creativity, aesthetic ability and intelligence. It takes a long time and a great deal of pain, for a sufferer to harness these abilities for good. The abilities are given by God, to help subdue the illness’s difficult effects. It is extremely difficult and painful to work out which part of the equation belongs to the symptom or behaviour or genuine ability. I think only a Christian can work this out in their own mind, with the truth of God firmly in place. We were made by Him, and only he really knows us and how our mind works.

Using drugs, for recreation, shows supreme disregard for what we have been given. As a general rule, we should question taking drugs of any sort. If a headache happens, maybe if we think about what we have been doing, we can work out a remedy without a tablet. Maybe I need a drink of water, maybe a need to lie down and rest for a bit, maybe I need some fresh air… and so on. Medics still don’t know all the effects and side effects of Paracetamol..!

Why is drug taking illegal and dangerous? Why do we want a “higher level” of functioning? Why can people with money get this while others don’t? Why are we so cavalier about our most precious possession? Why are we encouraged to tamper with it?

There are very many issues tied up with this issue, and the idea that you can make yourself unnaturally “smart” should be ringing alarm bells.!

In my view, people who are taking these medications are actually making themselves “ill.” We do not really understand all of what “illness” is anyway… in all drugs there are side effects and the long term outcome of this could be catastrophic. If you haven’t experienced mind illness, how will you spot the symptoms in your mind?

Exams, grades awarded- true or fake? We move towards “meaningless”

Doctors carrying out operations- under the influence of this? We move towards irresponsibility and lawsuits.

Yet another layer of social class? The rich will be smart, but ill. The poor will be healthy and have a chance to stop the folly, or not…

Our society is moving towards hyper-mania at a terrific speed. Soon “Ill” will be healthy and certainly desirable, and our environment will become a rather large Psychiatric hospital. Some would argue it is that already…

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