Sometimes I feel like a letter with no script written upon it and no words on the surface of the paper. The paper is blank, because no one has written on it for some time. There is an absence of expression, lessons to be learned and fullness.

If I am not taught as an individual I am not taught at all. Without the writing of the Master, there is no message and nothing to be learned. There are times when the page is resistant to the writing and has become isolated and used to writing on itself. The sense of submissive reliance on the perfect words, spoken clearly is in dire need of review. Perhaps the paper must be wiped clean, so the words can again be rewritten on it.

I cannot live without the words. The blankness is a desert where there is no sustenance and endless open paper with no point or purpose. The self-written text, has no substance and the words are unclear, muddled and devoid of objective meaning.

Lord, take your holy pen and write your word on my mind and heart and enliven me to write for myself and others and speak your perfect word into my life, so that I will walk it and live it and share it.

Make me able to address the empty pages of other human lives, as mine has suffered emptiness. That they become living books that replicate your glory and record the works of grace in all our lives.

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