Without roots


Homeless people who live on the streets of our towns and cities know more about the grace of God than any person sitting in a church pew. They are judged by the cleanliness of their clothes and shoes and the look of unwashed hands and face. We inspect the outside of the person, and the inner person is ignored or deemed “beyond the pale” of polite society.

Homeless people understand need, more than anyone else. They know what it means to trust God in a totally close up and personal way. Every moment is a mercy and ever opportunity of having food and drink, is a singular blessing from the Father. They do not talk ostentatiously about spiritual things, but have a trust in God that is heartfelt and sincere. What is said by people on our streets, is real and a daily experience.

People without homes, wait for their needs to be met. They depend on the work of the Holy Spirit to prompt people to help and give what is needed. The immediacy is striking. Long term plans, or any plans for tomorrow, are foolish thinking. As long as needs are met for the moment, people are satisfied. Other people with money and resources miss out on this daily dependency and therefore loose sight of the provision of God in their lives.

We have too much. We think we need all this stuff and try to bolster up our faith and confidence by all we can see and possess. This is too this-worldly. Our eyes are on what we are presented with in the media, and we fill our lives and our cupboards with props for life. God goes out from our psyche and we are satisfied with trivialities and superficial ideas.

Homeless and “needy” people are needed in “church” to remind the rest of the congregation, of the realities of life in the raw, and that with God, we have all we need. The “needy” need to minister to the “not-needy”, and teach the sovereignty of God. A daily attitude, and walking with Him in faith. We are all without roots if we belong to God. We seek another city, built by God for us. Faith alone will get us there.

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