His love


O the depths of the love of Christ…

There is no other like Him, who can know our hearts and still love us unconditionally. When we stumble and fall, His love holds us up and sets our feet on the right pathway again. When we grow cold and slip away into foolish and sinful ways, His love forgives and renews us to repent and obey Him.

When we sink into the depths and even despair, His love sustains and lifts us to see who we are in Him. When our health fails, His love touches our lives and brings mercy to help us. When troubles crash in and shock us from prayer and devotion, His love is the balm that soothes us and makes us whole.

When people hurt and exclude us, He is the one who welcomes us into His family and gives us a place in His kingdom that no one can take away. When the world tempts us to join in and take pleasure in what it offers, He is the Saviour who shows us His scars and His love beyond telling.

There is no other like this. Who else would we go to? Who else is able or willing?
Lord, may I never doubt you, or take my eyes off your face. I put all my trust in you and thank you for your love for me. I love you for what you did for me and will spend my life serving you…

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