Mad and bad


Being a Christian, changes everything…


Mind illness sufferers suffer because it is their fault. We do not understand their illness or the circumstances of their lives, or how their mind works, but it is definitely their fault.

As friends and neighbours we have no responsibility for their suffering, it is nothing to do with us. I don’t have to try to understand because it will never happen to me or mine. The sufferer must have done something bad to deserve this, or is going to do something bad. It is their fault they have to go through this – the poor dears… If I keep away from them, it will stop it spreading to me.

Mind illness sufferers are evil. “Mad, crazy and evil” are all the same word. I know this because I see it in films and on TV. Sufferers will murder you if you are not careful, and that’s why they have to be locked up. The mad house (Psychiatric hospital) is where they lock up mad/bad people so they don’t destroy everyone. It’s just like prison really. It’s best to leave them. They’ll come out if it by themselves.


Mind illness sufferers are not sick, they are tired. Tired of boring predictable activities and behaviours that are nothing to do with the greatness of God. Their minds rebel against it and they seek something deeper and more satisfying – a real and personal relationship with the one who made their minds and who knows all about how they work. They seek Someone so creative, it makes Human Art look like kindergarten paintings..

Mind illness sufferers are prone to suffer because they feel the ills of society around them and their sensitivity to feeling magnifies the pain. They take it into themselves and it accumulates over time, building up a store of sorrow, which eventually bursts and causes a crisis.

Mind illness sufferers suffer because the God who made them, also knows that their propensity for feeling is what will help them recover and will make them amazing friends and burden bearers. The gift to empathise is strong, and people who suffer this way, find the sadness of life hard to bear. But they are able to help fellow-sufferers because the stigma is theirs also.

Mind illness sufferers have and develop quick and profound problem solving skills. With suffering, God gives the cognitive abilities to work out the Psyche and come up with solutions to problems. Sufferers do well at intellectual tests and activities and the gift of determination and persistence can have a good effect in the mind and also on the life.

Mind illness sufferers see through hypocrites and those who really don’t understand or care. It leads to a lonely life for many and the heartache of rejection. For the Christian it is very different. The love of God towards such sufferers is precious and able to support the person. Mind illness sufferers experience the love of God more than most, as He delights to draw near the broken hearted and people who are sidelined and rejected as He was.

Sufferers understand the sufferings of Christ more than most and so He is the Beloved One.

If you are a Christian, God is doing a unique work in your life. He is not punishing you, as many will say. He is building you into a force to be reckoned with, and a particular ministry that no one else can do.

You are not especially weak, as you will be regarded, and do not believe the negative words or vibes you will get from others. They can’t help it and you must forgive.

God is making you…

Follow Him only and get to know Him through His Word, deeply and personally.

Don’t listen to sermon after sermon… listen to God’s Word directly to you…

Mind illness can be transformed into something precious and it will transform you into a powerful person, who follows God and trusts Him implicitly….


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