My provision


 I can never comprehend the forgiveness of God.

It is impossible to assimilate the fact that I shall never have to pay.

Eternal God is willing to completely and absolutely blot out my transgressions, so that they are never looked at, or remembered again.

The book of my life is full of righteousness and holy deeds, that are not my own, but were given to me by Jesus, who paid dearly for them.

I am continually indebted to Him who died for me, to take the burden off my shoulders and set me free from guilt. When I am tempted to revisit those sad sights and sounds, the voice resounds, “They are gone in the deepest sea, never to be dredged up again, I have vanquished all…”

The bill has been paid and I am in debt no longer, in fact, there is money in the bank and power and hope.

I can now face my accusers and tell them that Christ has died.

I am one of His, the weight of grief is gone and I no longer have to hide in the shadows, hoping not to be noticed, with nothing to offer but filthy deeds. I am given confidence, not in myself, but in who He is and what he has accomplished for me. No one can take me out of His hands, or strike my name from His book of life. The sins I now do, I do with regret, in my own weakness and lack of faith, but there is free forgiveness every day, so that I can constantly have a clean sheet.

The future is all unknown, except that glory awaits every child who has been cleansed. I pilgrim on through this dark and weary land, where no water lies, and provision is scant and pointing fingers hurt and depress. Nevertheless, He is here, always upholding and encouraging when others annoy. My prayer is that my sacrifice will be equal to the mercy shown to me, although I also know that it could never be, as my debt of mercy is so great.

I will walk with Him. I will seek to be like Him, and remain unmoved by those who try to distract me and loosen my hold on Christ.

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