Before time was


In those bright and glorious realms of eternity, God fellowshipped with God.

Before the Earth, stars or countless Universes were formed by this God, a decision was made.

This holy, all-powerful being who is the One God, and the three persons together as the blessed trinity, made a plan together. This is a deep mystery…

There were no bargains struck. No political discussions. No arguments or debates regarding roles or responsibilities. There was no payment deals, or mercenary pacts agreed. There was only Love.

This love determined the rescue plan for a race of beings not yet made. Beings who would revolt against this Loving God and set up their own kingdoms instead of Him.

Love struck the plan- the Father would send the Son to pay the ransom that He Himself demanded for the payment of sins that would be committed. The Son would become one of them – human, and would live with these human people and show His love, only to be rejected and killed.

The Eternal Son in doing this would become the Saviour of those who would believe in Him and the Judge of those who would not.

The Holy Spirit would do a spiritual work in the hearts of men and women, so that they would believe in the Son – Jesus. The Spirit would convince people of their sinfulness and allow them to see the personal need for repentance and there forgiveness of God.

Those who would repent would become the Children of God, those who would not, would be forever judged and pay for their own sins. So, all three persons in this glorious trinity, would be fully involved in this amazing rescue mission. The other created beings would see this and marvel at the grace of God.

The humans that became His children were to be commissioned to spread the good news to everyone, so that everyone would have the chance to believe. This is the greatest act of love – to speak this unpopular message to rebellious people. For some it meant laying down their lives and for many it meant loosing everything, even as Jesus did.

God made the world. He made everything. The prophesies in His Word all came true. Jesus came and the plan was carried out. The Eternal Son died for you and rose again, victorious forever. He calls to you to come…

Which kind of person will you be?

Will you repent and be changed to be like Jesus…? or will you choose judgment and pay forever for your sin?

Many hear this plan and respond with anger. They quibble and carp with the Living God at His mercy… they harden their hearts and never come. Your response to this is vital… Which kind of person will you be?

Whatever you choose, Love will win… all hate will be forever shut up with itself, and Love will conquer all.



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