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I love the truth, that God brings whoever he likes to know him, and love him. It is entirely unexpected that any of us should give up our selfish and foolish percieved right to self-determination, and submit to the love and will of God. However, sometimes in our warped human psyche, we think that some people come to God and confess and repent, easier than more wicked people. We nurse the idea that some are more worthy, more inclined to embrace “that sort of thing.” Logically, the more willing sort of person, includes us, and we almost imagine that God had an easy time and exuded less effort, to forgive our sins and make us one of his people.

At times we can watch celebrities on TV and clever, talented people who teach and entertain, and think of how far away they are from God, and how hard it would be for them to be rescued from that life.

In one sense it is true, as the bobdage of the pleasures and desires of this life, cetainly do keep us away from seeking God, and they do blind us to our need. On the other hand, a life filled with trivialities and constant pressure from earth-bound sources, can also cause people to ask serious questions about the value of life’s pursuits, and if they are achieving anything worthwhile at all.

Many people, caught up with dubious activities and enslavement in various social surroundings, from high society to gangs, find themselves caught in a deadly tryst, that leads nowhere, or worse. Surely drugs, alcohol, sex and violence have God beaten. These tempting involvments hold like a vice and ruin lives, sometimes those that have barely even started.

The young man who met Jesus, thought he had kept all God’s laws perfectly, and had to come to the disappointing realisation that he wasn’t good enough. The good things that he had been blessed with were a stumbling block to him, and when challenged by Chrst, found he was not able to put them aside.

The young woman, entrapped by evil and degredation, was set free from them and she confessed her sin and followed Christ relentlessly and whole-heartedly for the rest of her life. She seemed the less-obvious candidate to choose Christ, but she was the one who was changed on the inside, and her live turned around.

God has a mighty job in turning us away from whatever we hold on to, and to bring us to our knees in confession and true repentance. Unbeilef, stubbornness evil pride and selfishness are in the inner core of every human heart, and only a God of love and patience can turn it.

The idea that we are completely fallen and ruined in every way, is very hard for us to take in. When we perhaps think we have understood our need and sinfulness before God, we find it so easy to excuse ourselves, and cut off examining our hearts, intentions and attitudes.

It is so painful for us to look at ourselves this way, even as Christians, but it also leads us to the peace and joy of forgiveness and knowing Christ as a friend and confidant, as we go through our lives.

To give up to Christ, and lay down our own ideas, and follow him, is the way to happiness and a peaceful concience.

Our fallen mind-set tells us that this kind of thing will definately make us miserable, and we won’t be able to do anything fun. This is a common, historical theme – that God is a spoil sport and Jesus will ruin your enjoyment of everything.

Admittedly, there are Chrstians who think and live like this, and, yes, some are miserable, but it is not God’s way. Jesus came to set us free from the slavery of this world and our warped thinking. He came to set us free to enjoy life to the maximum. A Christian has brighter eyes and deeper pleasures (even in this world) than others. A Christian sees the hand of God in everything, and can even see his blessing in life’s difficulities.

To know Jesus means your sins don’t weigh you down – they are forgiven. Temptations and sinful desires can be overcome because you have God’s Holy Spirit living in you and giving you power to overcome and foster right desires in your heart and mind.

Certainly, there will be many failures of mind, word and deed, and every Christian fails of falls, but God will never give up on us, even if others do. We tread carefully to heaven, and we must never resort to leaning back on our own judgement or inclimations. When confession is made to God, then we can pick oursleves up and go on.

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