Making waves


We watched on news footage as a huge, destructive tsunami broke over a small Japanese fishing village. A dark, onimous wave of death, seeping quickly over the landscape. As it swept all before it, homes, shops, churches – everything, we watched as it swelled nearer and nearer to a small figure, walking along a path, oblivious to what was right behind. The small body continued in quiet, progress with neither hurry nor panic, not knowing that is seconds, he or she would be swept away forever. People watched in horror, as the tiny figure was engulfed and finally feeling the cold embrace ot the wave, another soul was swept into eternity.

As we walk along the road of our lives, we are often unaware of the enormous surge of things we have done wrong. Hurtful words and selfish deeds that blight our lives and mount up as a mighty ocean of debt to our maker. This tsumani of sinfullness will eventualy catch up with us and sweep us away. Somehow we forget what we do, and we can become very efficient at silencing our conciences. Sooner or later, it will spring into life, and cause us great pain.

There is one who’s immeasurable love caused him to suffer and die on a cruel cross, to pay for our sins and wrong doing. He is the only one who can deal with the mountain of sin and guilt, which rightly belongs to us. We need to seek him and find him, before we also are overcome by the wave of death. God warns us and speaks to us by allowing waves of adversity to overcome our lives and the world we live in, in order to jolt us out of our complacency. He lovingly calls to us to seek him with all our hearts and have our moral debts settled everlastingly. At that point we enter the calm and safe haven of fellowship with God.

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