James, the Lord’s brother


James 1:1 NIV
“James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,
To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings.”

It’s a curious way to start a letter.
It’s addressed to all God’s people scattered throughout the world. Not just the ethnic Jewish nation, but the people of God in every place in every time. People who have been chosen out of every nation, tribe, tongue and clan of families. All the ransomed church of God who will live with Him forever in the coming everlasting kingdom of joy and peace.
No Christian is exempt from this instruction and encouragement.

It is coming from a reliable source- the disciple James, the Lord Jesus’ brother. Jesus had other brothers and sisters, but not all believed on Him. They were born out of the same mother, but not from the same father. James was of the family of God. His Father was the same Father as Jesus- the eternal Father- and so they were brothers in flesh and in Spirit. What a privilege he had to grow up in the same close family with his Saviour and Lord, and to know without a doubt that Jesus was His Saviour and was the sinless one. James is a key witness to these facts.

Although a brother of the Lord, he realises he is His servant, and therefore the servant of all. James serves God his Father and also the Son of God, his brother.

What a wonder to know our family position in regard to Jesus our Saviour and our own sinful but redeemed selves. What an elevation.! A dead corpse in spirit, now made alive through the death of our brother, Christ.! A miracle of divine intervention. A once only event that takes us to the Father and to heaven above. A glory that is coming and a reward that no one can take away from us- purchased by Jesus on that cross on Calvary’s hill.

This is the change from death to life for every soul that seeks Him in repentance and faith. This is the method of adopting lost people into the royal family of heaven. A holy resurrection to eternal life for rebels and God-haters, that turns their night into day and everlasting death into the unending glory of life.

Will you be greeted as such?
James greets the family of God yet living on earth in a warm and brotherly way. They wait to hear his message from God.
Does he greet you also? Are you waiting to hear what your Master would have you do?

Only those who know and love this Lord Jesus will be that interested to hear and search their hearts and obey. God’s people may be scattered and oppressed, but they are safe in the glorious family none-the-less.
These words from James, are life and health and wing their worship up to the Father of lights, who has no shadow in His character of any kind, and no variableness or turning.

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