God puts his best fighters in the hottest part of the battle.

If you are there now, he means you to be. He put you there on purpose. Take up your weapons, for the battle rages, and you have many skirmishes and conflicts to engage with. He knows you are able to conquer it all and your inability becomes his mighty strength.

He will keep you and you will be an over-comer, finally and forever. His strength does not fail, and neither will your faith. He gave it to you and he will bring it to full fruition.

When the fight is hot, it can be hard to see the true picture. Whether beating off suffering or pain, lunging at temptations coming thick and relentlessly, or the growing sense of panic that you may be ultimately beaten. None of these will gain the victory over your mind and soul.

None of us feel up to the fight, and we remain nervous that our armour will not stand up to the battering. We are weak, cowardly and without courage and not the proper candidates to engage so vehemently with the enemy. God delights in us, because we are the perfect type of person to act as a conduit for his everlasting power.

That power is his mighty strength, that raised Jesus from the dead, and that same strength preserves and motivates us every day.

For our part, we must keep the armour up to conflict conditions. The word of God, our sword, must be read, meditated on and remembered, so that it is in our minds when the time comes to use it. God will bring the right words to mind, and encourage us that he is with us and his word is true. This in turn builds up our faith and we become less afraid of what we face.

This does not happen over-night, but we wrestle on until the battle is over. Do not be discouraged if it takes a very long time. God knows we need the stamina of trusting him and relying on him, continually and more assuredly as we go further into the battle-field. We get the armour ready, before the fight, so that when the day comes, you are prepared for the onslaught.

All those memory verses you learned, scriptures read again and again, hymns that are in your memory and you can sing repeatedly, rehearsal of truths you have heard and read. All these things are tooling up for the big push.

He will protect you as a certainty, because he has fought the fight before and has over-come on your behalf. No one, or no situation can ever take away the truth that you belong to him and that your life is safe and totally secure in his care. It does not matter how the enemy rages, insults, accuses, blames you, you are always safe. His lies are no match for the authority of God’s word.

Do the right thing. It will protect you in danger and shield you from the darts of evil that are thrown into your mind. You will know you are walking right, because the past will be a witness to you. When we do right, God honours us and this builds faith. As we walk rightly, so faith increases and we rely on Him more and more.

The enemies lies are insidious. You will be tempted to believe them and they will undermine your faith. At these times, remember that Satan is the destroyer of human souls and hopes. He cannot lever you away from Christ, but he will try to make you as miserable as possible. At this point, recollect what happened on the cross, when love was put to death and faded into seeming defeat, all hope gone, the lamp of God had gone out and humans were in the grip of fear.

He returned in bold and glorious life, all Satan’s host ruined, to never again raise their wits against God’s people. However, Satan will try to loosen your hold on faith, so you must be ready for it.

Throw his fiery darts off from your thoughts. Tell him to “Go away!” Don’t argue, don’t listen, just stand firm, and he will leave by himself. He is the greatest of cowards and cannot stand against the weakest Christian.

Ask the Master to help you. It seems so obvious, but when we draw close to him, he draws close to us. Read his word and allow it to infiltrate your thinking, which will then affect your speaking and doing. To walk with Jesus is the greatest reward, both in heaven and also right now. Don’t allow yourself to be denied that pleasure by understanding only in the mind, but never the felt experience of his love for you.

Love is the greatest force on earth or heaven. It conquers all and brings all other Lords to their knees and all pretentious kingdoms to dust and ashes. Love is the ammunition of the Christian and the master -stroke to win the fight against all evil. Love endures to the end- love reaches out to all enemies- love is power.

Fighters in God’s kingdom are victorious in love. Their love has grown in times of great difficulty and dire suffering and it lasts forever, and spreads where ever they go, so that all the world becomes affected by this love and all can know that they are loved.

The only way to not have this love and to not be ultimately loved is to reject it. Love does not force itself, and wins the day in hearts that are willing, to trust and obey the Lord of Love – Jesus Christ. He is at the head of his hosts, and one day he will finally conquer all evil, pain and grief and all our conflicts will be over, so that all who have fought the fight in his strength will lay down their weapons for ever, and faith will give way to seeing and feeling reality.


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