Covered over sins


“Love covers over a multitude of sins..” 1 Peter 4:8

It is a God-like ability to be able to forgive all wrongs carried out against our person. Rather than parading sins before other people, love covers them up so as not to spread the ill and embarrass the sinner.

Love allows a way out of a corner for someone who feels trapped. Love suffers put-downs, endures ridicule and copes with scoffing. Love forgives the perpetrator and holds no ill will against them.

Love bears with weaker nesses and inadequacies. Love teaches and encourages. Love does not show off what it knows, but finds a way to teach others in a humble way.

Love bears with and consistently forgives in all circumstances. Love never blames and finds a way to overcome anger and remember the state of the sinner.

This love is not human. Our cold hearts do not forgive and we remember all the hurt that has been done against us. Our love is self-orientated and justifies itself for not forgiving others. Those who have experienced the forgiving love of a Heavenly Father and have been changed by him, should know this power in their own lives. Yet we do not. We hold back.

The Christian walk is a progressive walk in holiness and being set apart for God. Each of us must seek the Lord and follow him closely and with humble obedient words and deeds. This love must grow in us, so that forgiveness thrives in our souls. Only as we draw near to our Saviour and understand what He did for us on that cross, will we be able to walk in a worthy way and cover over all evil against us.

This is the supernatural attitude of the Christian heart… forgive as I have been forgiven.

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