There is a place – a precious place… just you and God … if you are not drawn to that place, you are not His… this place is fellowship and solace with the living God, and we are strengthened and renewed daily. There is no self-seeking here.

It is holy ground. It is the place of reverent and holy fear, and also the throne when our requests are heard and answered. It is the place of mercy, where justice and love meet between the wings of angels and the God of all the earth cleanses and strengthened His people.

None dare the approach without the living sacrifice of a Saviour, put to death for our sins and risen as the Living One – once dead and now alive forever. He chooses life and death for every soul, and His will is perfect. We approach with our sacrifice, of a contrite and a broken heart… ruined by sins too many to count, we give ourselves away to Him and become a sacrifice of praise to our dear Lord.

This is spiritual worship. This is the very room of heaven.


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