The past


The sins of the past have passed away
Washed in the blood spilt that day
Buried with Christ in the tomb and now dead
Forgiven forever just as He said.
But they spring up in my feeble mind
Causing doubt and fear of every kind
My spirit dragged in the gloomy trail
And darkness seems once more to prevail.
The blame of others fuels the flame
Feeding the feeling that it’s all the same
I never came, I never believed
This pointless life is forever grieved.
It’s not up to me the joyful message comes
From the Son who shines inner freedoms
Jesus the Saviour will forgive and win
Every soul who trusts in Him.
Yet they return- all seems lost
Always grief and counting the cost
The pathway is often dark and rough
Progress little and every step is tough.
But this is His Way, as He said it would be
A constant fight to the end of me
Self, daily denied and slain
Over and over again.
He knows it is too much for me
So He sent me you to accompany me
To fight together and stay the course
The Words our every day discourse.
Will we walk or will we faint?
A ” Christian” life daubs of paint?
Or will the Spirit’s power within
Overcome the grip of sin.
We do have strength to choose the right
Resurrection power will fight
So death in us is truly dead
And Christ alone our living head.

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