Safe ground


Who can understand the circumstances of their lives and explain to themselves the why’s and wherefore’s of events and seasons. Our lives are hid in God and He knows all things. For some, the way may be particularly rough and comforts few. In these circumstances of life, God can teach us much wisdom and give sufferers insight and thereby loosen their attachments to this world and its people.

Every one of His children has a story to tell and His will has total sway over all the ills that we may meet. To stay secure in Christ, we must know Him well, and know His Word better and better. This is walking with God. Second hand relationships are no good. We must know God face to face, heart to heart and spirit to Spirit.

We cannot see all the reasons, though we may understand some, and as we step out, it is always in faith. Fretting only leads to unbelief and looking for support in the wrong places. Knowing God is the foundation stone of all our other relationships and the strength we need to overcome all other difficulties.

God sees us coming and welcomed us. The mortal enemy sees us coming too and makes his plans to stop us in our tracks. He will seek to discourage the Christian and keep them quiet- quiet to God and quiet in prayer life. If we keep our eyes fixed on God and trust Him to take us to safe ground, we will overcome the temptations and weaknesses.

God will never leave the soul who is trusting in Him and will fortify them with His own strength. He lifts us to safe ground and will keep our feet steadfastly on the narrow road to eternity.

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