He knows

Acts 1:24NIV“Lord, you know everyone’s heart”

Some run away from that, not wanting their badness to be seen.

Some embrace this fact as an opportunity to get right with God.

Some refuse to be shown what is in their hearts as they don’t want to change. 

Some blot our God altogether and bury their heads in the sand.

Some explain away the idea of “heart” as an antiquated piece of religion.

Some believe they can keep Him out.

Some live in dread of that last day when they know all will be revealed. 

Some fill their hearts with this world’s delights to stem the effect of conscience. 

Some believe they can buy their way out of a tight spot.

Some will not have this LORD, to reign over their lives.

Some believe they have the right and ability to choose.

Some don’t believe in “knowing”

Some see it, believe it, act on it and His knowing becomes their knowing too…

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