Heaven is a real place.

It is the place where God’s presence and being dwell.

It is outside present time and space, in another multidimensional state of reality.

If you go there, you are changed in every way into a glorious, immortal being, pure and holy.

To get there, you must be holy.

God must give us this holiness so that we can live there in perfect harmony and love for Him.

It is a place of no sorrow, death or crying. All pain and suffering have been cast out.

There are such glories there, that we cannot imagine.

The people of God walk in total joy, praise and gladness with God.

They will reign with Him forever.

The Saviour, Jesus Christ, is the light of that place and He lives forever with His people.

The river of life ever flows, as death and hell are forever defeated.

This is the home of all who repent and put their trust in Jesus.

His name is exalted above every other name, and ever knee will bow to Him.


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