Away from it all



God sets His people apart for His glory. We are not our own but are bought with a price, so dreadful that it meant the Father sent His only Son to die on a cross. That was the price of the payment for our sin. Sin is that serious and if we entertain it in our minds and hearts, it will ruin everything. It will take over, but in a way that we might not notice. Our hearts are naturally shaped for it and our mortal enemy knows that, and can manipulate our thoughts so that we end up justifying ourselves and therefore never repenting of our wrongness.

This is not God’s way and if we belong to Him, He will not allow us to stay in such a place. No one else can set people free from this trap. Only the Father can teach and release His children from this deadening grip of the enemy.

To get away from it all, is not a holiday, but a fight against myself. We use the weapons God has given us to throw off the sin that so easily entangles and break free from its chains. This is a daily conflict, but winnable through Him who loves us.

Some day we will really get away from it all and leave behind all the cares, temptations and woe, that surround us in this life.

For now, may we walk with Him and find victory every day in Christ…

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