Meant for


Life is, in its final analysis, intrinsically lonely. We look for the perfect love, the ideal partner and the fulfilling job, but they do not fill up our soul or give lasting pleasure. We judge life as “empty” and end up living for the here and now, experiencing only the physical and shallow. Our whole world panders to this state of being. We seek to keep ourselves happy and indulge in the getting, having and enjoying. This is it…

But there are some who will not settle for this. Some who know and seek more- a lot more. There is another life, an unseen life that will last forever. Eternal life is a quality of life that is lived for God and in His power. It is deep and infinitely searching- purifying out the dross and making every thought beautiful and selfless.

Because it is unseen and unfelt in our natural selves, we disbelieve it. To get this life, we must give up our own human and paltry life, and confess our sinfulness and weakness, and give up to God. You will never seek it until God opens your understanding and pours in His light. This will show you the extreme ugliness of your human self, and you will run to Christ for cleaning. It hurts. It brings joy forever.

The crucial point is, we are changed. Our hearts and minds are renewed by the Holy Spirit and the real life begins, a life the leads all the way to a home where you will be the person you are not and the person you were always meant to be….

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