These are unsettling times. My inner life is not peaceful. I have the issues of the human to have to sort out and try to keep at bay. The weakness of tiredness is making the battle to put down the grumblings within more difficult. The whole foment is stoked by the enemy into an endless rhythm of ebb and flow of blame and judgment.

The tiresomeness contributes to the tiredness, especially in the mind.

Everything is unsatisfactory and the arguments rage back and forth.

The God who made me, made me to live in Him, to run in the power of His Spirit and to be free and noble.

If I find the world to be otherwise, why should I wonder at that..! If I look to this life for answers, I will always be disappointed.

Turn to Him. Acquiesce it all to His wisdom and rest completely in His embrace….

“He only is my rock and my salvation…” Psalm 62..

“I will never be shaken…”

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