Our Western culture is obsessed with success and getting the big job in the big corporate structure. Not everyone can get to that top, as there has to be a huge raft of human workers underneath in order to keep the “successful people” at the top. It’s the human way and the dream that keeps people on the treadmill in the hope of success.

Those who don’t get up there into the echelons of public acclaim, must settle for second place or less… Perhaps failure…

It depends on how we define failure. To succeed in terms of this world’s system- proud, self-seeking, self-promoting, is to not succeed in terms of God. I might seem to overcome and get acclaim, but not to triumph in spiritual life. God’s ways are not my ways, or human societies ways. We can climb to the top of this world’s system, yet fail towards eternal values. The last will be first, and the first last.

Human success is fundamentally different from the way of Christ. The Lord Jesus is the humble Lord, who rode a donkey, not a mighty stallion of an earthly conqueror. He washed dirty human feet. He did not have servants- He is the servant and the glorious Lord of all things…

The Christian church, especially in the West, has been infiltrated by godless concepts of authority and control, and relying on money and big business to succeed in spiritual work.
We acknowledge the gracious Spirit, yet at the same time denying His power…

Oh that God would come down and break open the heavens… Then we would see something…

His terms are that His people pursue holiness and deny themselves the things of the life that we may legitimately want, and put all we are and have on His altar…. Then we will see the fruits of success…

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