Psychology is the sovereignty of God worked out in the human psyche. You can work it out. The reality can be faced and all difficulties and anxieties faced up to. Then – the code is broken… No one exists unattached. To understand our attachment to God, is a place of peace for the Christian. Fear vanishes as we trust more wholly on our Creator and Father.

It can be painful, because we are far from perfect. We run the gauntlet of a whole range of thoughts, emotions and ideas. These can be helpful or not. When we face the things that we cannot share with others, it can cause hurt in our inner life as we try to face pains and the consequences of sin, by ourselves.

We do not need to be alone. There is a friend and confidant that will stick with us and bear us through the trials. Jesus has walked this earth already and fully understands what we face. He knows us personally, our sins and failures,  and loves us regardless. He can instruct, convict and comfort us like no one else can. We need to come to His feet and seek His forgiveness, and he will lead us out into the green pastures again.

We are inclined to think that the people around us and the friends we know, are “real” and we need them. They can help us in the reality of our lives and we take their advice as insightful.  But Jesus is real- the relationship we have with him is real, and as we rely on Him and nourish our faith, we grow up in Him. He is closer to us than even skin, or thought… He is the Saviour of our whole being and the power of spiritual resurrection in our lives.

When we are sinned against it causes so many difficulties that we become trapped in a web of thoughts and feelings and are unable to admit the faults of others, or sort out which is our own. This becomes a kind of prison, and can only be opened by the knowledge that God truly lives and loves you and you are of priceless worth to Him. In believing His promises to you, gives the courage to keep going.

This fact snaps the bands that surround the troubled soul and the psyche reverts to a peaceful state. “I will never leave you or forsake you..” Jesus offers His peace and joy to all who believe.

Forgiveness is very difficult. If we have been greatly wronged, forgiving can be more difficult than the actual offense and cause us great problems. To really forgive and set our turmoil aside, is the work of God’s Spirit within us.

To feel and know we are worthless is totally debilitating. Only the fact of the sacrifice JESUS made for us on the cross, and the realisation that he is the risen Lord, gives us true worth and courage to walk on.

Wisdoms way: When you are overwrought, follow the instructions you have learned and you will solve it. “I am the way, the truth and the life… No one comes to the Father except through me.”

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