A prayer


Thank you Lord for setting me free to live and worship and pray in the love and power of your Holy Spirit. I am so glad to be able to know I am a Christian and that no one can take me away from you. I am rejoicing to be away from the negative and soul- deadening words that drag me down and so discourage me. The words of your book teach and strengthen my heart and show me your self and what you are like and how you want life to be.

The vision of the Lord Jesus, your son, fills me with joy and I feel the strength of His live in my daily life. Thank you for such a gift of the gracious Holy Spirit, and his beauty fills my soul and makes me long to be like you.

The cares of life will always be with me, but to walk my road with my Saviour Jesus, is life and health and peace. How I wish to serve you and to know your power in me, welling up into eternal life, which makes even this life glorious.

Lord, keep me from sin. This is my greatest enemy and I desire a holy hatred of it and a godly fighting against all temptation and moral weakness in my character.

May my steps be sure and steadfast, walking in your ways, speaking your words and doing deeds of love and kindness. You are everything to me. I love you and would ask to love you more every day. May my character reflect yours and my desires be caught up in your will and purposes for my life.

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