The enemy


I know my enemy because I fight him. Satan has had me on the ground many times, his jack-boot on my neck… It’s over… I am a puny human and mere flesh and blood, but I fight. I fight because I have learned how to through times of pain and suffering. Strength is given from the Spirit within, who has all power- limitless and certain. We do not have to concede or fail. All power has been given to us, in Heaven and Earth, and Christ calls us to “ask and it will be give to us.”

The fear is what crushes the spirit and strength ebbs away, but the battle cry of the Warrior of the Cross speaks into the heart and mind. “All power is given unto me, in heaven and on earth… I will never leave you or forsake you…” Victory is the outcome for every believer, no matter how weak we feel or how monumental the difficulties.

To be an over-comer often means to fight and persevere through the deepest of troubles, maybe for a long time. We may feel we are already finished and as time trudges by, we think we are lost and hope becomes very thin. He will never leave you. It doesn’t matter how you feel, or how far away you think you are, Faith is not feeling, but a trust in Heaven’s Lord, who will never let you go.

JESUS Christ himself has put an end to all that accuses and condemns us, and has vanquished all powers as he died on the cross. Love has conquered all and the battle is over, except for the skirmishes we experience as the enemy tries to put us down. The great accuser can never overcome. Faith overcomes all things- a faith given by the perfect Saviour, who kept Gods’ law perfectly for us.

“Every arrow of guilt which Satan might have shot at us is broken, for who can lay anything to the charge of God’s elect? Vain are the sharp swords of infernal malice, and the perpetual battles of the serpent’s seed, for in the midst of the church the lame take the prey, and the feeblest warriors are crowned.” CHS

Our precious Lord Jesus, teaches us to wield the Sword of the Spirit and use the shield of Faith, so that our skill increases and we rise, as he rose, forever.


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