Eternity for the child of God, will be a knitting together and joining up of all the threads of God’s purposes here on Earth. We will know how every event, word, feeling, thought was put together in His eternal plan, and His glory will shine out for all to see. We will understand the thrills, joys, heartaches and disappointments and as we see them dovetail together the hurt and pains will evaporate.

We will be able to interact with every Christian and understand how even our hurts and wrong motives were used by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s will to full fruition. Our sins will be finally gone, and we will strangely understand how even they were part of God’s plot to save his people, and bring in an amazing harvest.

Hurts will be healed; heartache will be outlawed; sins will remain forever unthinkable; tears will never be shed, as the love of our precious Lord Jesus melts every heart and binds up every wound. Five minutes in heaven and regret, sorrow, shame and blame will be gone. The minds of those who are redeemed will share in endless joy- no barriers, no lack of skill or ability, but effortless peace and holy pleasures that do not fade or die. Our human psyche will be renewed as it was supposed to be before it was contaminated, and there will be no expression or evidence of negativity or elevated unreal thinking.

It is hard to take these kinds of ideas in, as they are not of our world or our mind set. Yet for the Christian believer they are realities that can be tasted even now. They are the small tokens God gives us to encourage us and remind us that we are not yet home. We must not trust in them to help us or put our faith in them, but our total view is of the Lord Jesus. As we see Him in all His beauty, we will see a reflection of that glorious place. As we look to Him only, and trust his word and seek to live it out, we will see those distant shores more clearly and we will find ourselves longing for that place where He is.

The world will tell you it is fantasy- fairy tales of the mind and we are kidding ourselves. Do not be downhearted the Lord has heard this too. Besides, you will know the truth because you are walking with a real Saviour, and no one can take that away from you…..

Psalm 16:11 NIV
“You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

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