Mercy failure?


The mercy of the LORD is comprehensive. There are no limits for the people who love Him, and he will keep us as we travel along in the depths. There are many reasons why women find themselves in the dark. The pressures on us are often outside, and demanding that we look and behave in a particular way. The need to look good is a multi- billion pound industry, and the seemingly unending array of new products, keeps us spending money. The pressure to not look “old” is built every time we look at the TV. The idealization of a “fit” body shape, and the business of keeping it that way, causes all kinds of systems to spend money on the necessities of life, extra-expensive…

All this can lead women into dark mind sets and desires, that further fuel the need to work long hours, and focus on the outward appearance of themselves, family, home, car, the list is endless.

Is this how God would have us live for His glory?

“Cast your burdens on the LORD and he will sustain you..” This phrase does not sound like consumerist culture… We all have a choice to have lives that reflect God and his love for people, or lives that grasp and toil for things that do not last.

We all at some point, choose the wrong way, and we find ourselves slavishly treading the mill of work and career, and find ourselves over-burdened and unhappy. We may not even know why we are unhappy, so we must work harder to provide better and make it go away.

When we choose badly and end up suffering the consequences, we have a loving Father who is always there to show us and help us out of the ditch. As we draw near to Him, He draws near to us and as we read His word, He teaches us His way and His standards. Even when things are our fault, his forgiveness in right there when we confess.

So why are there so many still labouring under the heavy load? Perhaps drawing near to our Lord is not that attractive, and we like the idea and feeling that we are providing and organising life in our own way. We are kept bound by the things of this life, the physical, the temporal, and eternal goals are not beautiful to us. Our minds are earth bound and heaven is too far away.

So we can see the root of the difficulty. My eyes are set on this life, and not eternal life to come. We have lost our taste of eternal life, and it has become shuttered over with earthly concerns. Our desires are out of joint with God, our perspective has gone right off the prize we thought we wanted.

At this point we need to take ourselves in hand, and do some serious self-examination. We need to check again that we have faith and exactly how it is manifested In the life. What have I taught myself to be important? What am I teaching others around me? What am I showing my children about the sacrificial Christian life? When Jesus asks for ALL OF ME, what does it mean? Surely He can’t mean everything??

It can get to the point where it is quite shocking… How far up my list of priorities is GOD?Should I have a list of priorities? Who decides what is important? If I put GOD first, then I can put the other things in the list? What things?These are great questions and when we pray and ask God to show us the truths in His word, we are heading in the right direction….

“How great the Father’s love for us…!”

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