A state of mind where beliefs, thoughts and emotions become jogged from their usual train lines and the train (the person) becomes a runaway. Thoughts are fast and dangerous (seemingly) and cause much pain. Belief, cannot be trusted because the ground is unreliable and full of threat. What can we really trust in? Who is reliable and trustworthy?

Thoughts circle in a spiral pattern and take the feelings up or down on a kind of cycle. The cycle repeats itself and a pattern can be noticed. Thoughts are of various types, and can also be identified. This is an insight into the seeming confusion, and gives real understanding of the processing of thoughts, emotions and motivations.

It can also be thought of as a ladder, an ascent into pleasant thoughts, uplift and inflated ideas. Then the mind turns into the descent, which brings pain, false guilt and deep sadness. The menu of blame is the long list of wrongdoings that we have may or may not have taken part in, that it can be used against us by the enemy. Guilt can be real, or false, and painful to sort out.

Only the scriptures can give and teach us the right way and how to deal with blame.  Jesus sets us free as he met all the charges of the accuser and the law, once for all. There is no punishment- only the liberty of Christ. All those who trust in him, know this a reality in their lives. The false blame and reminders of real or imagined sins, are not from God.

Jacobs ladder led him up to the glory of God and he met God there and enjoyed sweet fellowship. When he awoke, he was changed. Similarly a psychological episode can change a person and is like a new start. Sometimes a person might think they have become a Christian again. Throughout life we have a continued progress in the Christian pathway and in our characters, which should lead us closer to the Lord Jesus, and further away from ourselves.

To be like Him, is the Christians deep desire. All others fade, and yet those who also love Him, are companies in the spiritual journey to heaven. To meet a fellow sufferer, can be such joy. There is too much ignorance and rejection of sufferers from mind illness, and they are viewed as weak. We need to reevaluate this viewpoint and allow sufferers to readjust “normal” thinking.

The mind is such an amazing gift from our Maker, yet we fill it full of rubbish and abuse our consciences until they don’t work any more. Perhaps if we all had a taste of mind illness, it would show us ourselves in a new light. We might not like it very much… Perhaps it would jog us out of our complacency and into an invigoured state. We would definitely have to learn to fight better and value the presence of Christ with us.

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