The race for life


We are all in a race, the race of our lives, and all heading for the finish line.

How we run that race will determine everything, and the stamina we need to complete it, is outside ourselves and belongs to someone else. We do not have to fret and worry about not making it, because we have someone who has been there already and will show the way.

We have a top athlete, who has gone down the race track before and has raced with complete integrity and purity, and he is the one we emulate and seek to be like. The way is hard, and often lonely and full of potholes and snags.

But there is a plan.

We are not left on our own, but have a training book that will, teach us everything we need to know and will show us the strategies to be used to keep on the right lane. It is foolish to ignore it and not make it part of our mindset. There may not be time for reading, in the middle of a tricky straight or sharp bend, so the words will have to be in your mind already. The coach will bring them to your thoughts at the right time.

We have a gracious companion who leads us in all right ways, and who will stay with us through the whole race and give peace and power to all who trust in Him. As we read the book and draw near, his influence and joy are felt and known. As we pray and seek his presence, we gain a heart of love and the power to run straight and to keep going right until the end. His joy and peace is in us and will strengthen every runner.

We cannot stop running. If we stop, we go backwards, like the current of the river that drags us back. If we don’t go forward, there will be lost ground to make up another time. If we do fall or fail, our merciful coach will guide us gently back and encourage us with his love.

For the trusting soul, the end is certain and will lead right up to victory. We do not have to be first, but we must finish the course, in the power of the Spirit. Those who finish the race, will get the crown, which is waiting for all those who race with Him and therefore qualify as true athletes, and winners to wear the laurel and the crown.

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