The Kingdom of GOD


The kingdom of God has come in weakness as a grain of mustard seed.
It establishes the Lord of Glory as the man to meet our need.
The use of force will not cause it to grow and flourish.
Only the love of God in the heart of its peoples will nourish.

Politics, force and economics will only drive away God’s gracious Spirit.
To belong to it is a gift, and not based on any kind of human merit.
It lasts far beyond all time and space and on into Gods eternity.
This is how we were meant to live, serve God and be truly free.

The words of the kingdom are only given to those who believe.
We must treasure it, listen and obey it and we will live.
Let the truth sink down into your very soul.
They will strengthen you and lead you on and make you whole.

May we humble ourselves and live our lives in true obedience.
Being subject only to the Word of God in our precious Saviour.
The seed will then grow and become a life-giving tree for heaven.
To shelter all who come to it and seek refuge and be truly forgiven.

Time and space cannot contain this kingdoms eternal destiny.
It transcends history and everything that pervades our human identity.
We were formed to truly live for another dimension.
Dwelling with God in the everlasting joy of Holy contemplation.

You will not reach it by the folly of flesh and blood.
It is freely given as a gift by a Saviour’s precious love.
Embrace its truth and turn away from your feeble trying.
And trust a man who bought your forgiveness by dying.

At the end of the existence of this planet, this race, this universe.
God alone is left to inhabit the eternal dimension of perfect love and justice.
The souls that he has rescued from destruction with the wicked.
Will dwell with Him forever in that home and never be rejected.

Why would you run away from this irresistible power?
He has revealed himself to us in His word as a strong tower.
The righteous run into it and are safe, but what about you?
If you would only trust Him you would see that every word is true.

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