Sarah is portrayed, by some kinds of Bible interpretation, as a faithless scheming wretch, as was Eve in the garden. One can get the impression that women are defined by that mentality, and that’s why they must have the restraints on.

Sarah’s idea to solve the family problem and do Gods work for Him, was wrong, but Abrahams reaction was not exactly full of faith either. He listens to Sarah and doesn’t think it through. He doesn’t analyse the effect of taking another wife to provide a son, and how it will affect all family relationships. He goes along with it without consulting God and hoping it will be ok. Perhaps his motivation is to please Sarah and for a short term easy life. Abrahams faith is found wanting.

The decision he makes, as the head of the family, starts a huge family problem where heart sins are revealed and there is much hurt.

Resentment, hate, jealousy, blame, and competition tear the family apart.

Abraham is the head of this family, and must then shoulder his responsibilities as such. Putting the “blame” on his wife, is the same thing Adam did, to cover his sins and lack of thought and heart searching.

His complacency and inertness about what God has promised him, shows someone tired of waiting. It has been many years since the promise was given, and he and Sarah are only getting older and further away from the fulfilment of the incredible promise.

It is easy to loose sight of Gods ways….

Surely the answer is to consult each other and council each other in our disappointments and frustrated longings. Sarah forgot the love and power of her God, and tried to sort out her own problems. Abraham listened to his wife’s troubles, rather than pointing her to her Saviour.

May we grown up in Him, strong and able to shoulder relationships for His glory and for the good of others, rather than listening to the futile advice of worldly people who do not know Christ. May we be an asset to our homes, and true soul-mates to our spouses. The longing to “sort things out” must be brought to God and left to Him to show us and direct out thought and problem solving abilities.

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