There is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ. We are all lost to God and deeply estranged from His holiness and eternal life. We are born sinful- not just sinful deeds, but hearts and minds that are hard wired to selfishness and sin. It is like a disease and infiltrates every part of our being. We are blind to God’s ways; deaf to His message telling us to turn away; stony hearts that have no love for God or Christ or the work of The Holy Spirit, and our persons in themselves are dead to who God is and what He requires of us.

We are in a desperate state. There is no way we can get ourselves up and clean up our lives, so that we will be acceptable. God is totally holy, pure, righteous and cannot accept us on our terms. The truth is we haven’t got any and lie dead, decomposing and sleeping our way into the grave and an eternal place of punishment – hell.

Perhaps you think you are doing quite well, and are a very nice person who reacts well to others and tries to treat other people well. After all, if we do not act and speak well we will have no friends. This shows up our problems… Our motivations for doing certain things are suspect and in real terms, are selfishness covered over with respectability. Our enemy keep us lulled to our situation before a holy God, and we walk through life being duped by our own thought processes.

Maybe you think I am going too far- people are not that bad… ?

The web of life gets complicated and as we go on in the world, the burden of guilt and blame builds up, and we all carry it to the grave, unless we are enlightened.

How far would you go to rescue an enemy? How long would you persist in seeking her in order to bring her to God? How much of you time and effort would you give for another? When we start to reach out to the people around us, we are suddenly confronted with a reality that we might not have seen in ourselves. People do not want to face up. People are happy as long as they have what they want. The role of selfishness in our lives is huge, but we might not recognize its various faces. How do I break through this in myself and another?

We might invite them to a meeting; talk to them about what Jesus has done; pray for them; give a Bible to read and some literature… That’s about all we can do… There must be a deep work in the inner soul, for anyone to be changed and made right towards, God. The change is spiritual and only the Holy Spirit can do this. Only he can show me my need for forgiveness and change, and awaken a desire for God and cleanness.

The love of God is so amazing, deep, all-encompassing. He is prepared to wipe the slate clean, and start a work in my heart, that will change me in every way, and actually make me holy. God does not need humans, but He wants us and has gone to extreme lengths to make people fit for heaven.

We are all “estranged” until God makes us righteous and brings us right into His family…

There is no other message like this – a truth that changes lives and minds and intentions, and gives eternal life….


A prayer


Thank you Lord for setting me free to live and worship and pray in the love and power of your Holy Spirit. I am so glad to be able to know I am a Christian and that no one can take me away from you. I am rejoicing to be away from the negative and soul- deadening words that drag me down and so discourage me. The words of your book teach and strengthen my heart and show me your self and what you are like and how you want life to be.

The vision of the Lord Jesus, your son, fills me with joy and I feel the strength of His live in my daily life. Thank you for such a gift of the gracious Holy Spirit, and his beauty fills my soul and makes me long to be like you.

The cares of life will always be with me, but to walk my road with my Saviour Jesus, is life and health and peace. How I wish to serve you and to know your power in me, welling up into eternal life, which makes even this life glorious.

Lord, keep me from sin. This is my greatest enemy and I desire a holy hatred of it and a godly fighting against all temptation and moral weakness in my character.

May my steps be sure and steadfast, walking in your ways, speaking your words and doing deeds of love and kindness. You are everything to me. I love you and would ask to love you more every day. May my character reflect yours and my desires be caught up in your will and purposes for my life.

Resurrection day…


JESUS rose from the dead and conquered sin and death and hell. All things are under His feet and He is crowned with glory and honour forever. This world many carp and quibble and defame His name, but He is all glorious. Puny people will make no difference to His power. High people will never bring Him down or stop His building the Kingdom of God.

All sin is put away and Jesus offers free and full forgiveness to all who will bow their knees to Him. Jesus is Lord of all, wether we like it or not, or wether we recognise Him for who He is or not.

We are offered everything, but we prefer and choose nothing. We feel comfortable, but it is an illusion in the real terms of eternity. When we suffer, we remain so slow to seek the only one who can help us in a real way.

Jesus is Lord… If His creatures will not cry out His praise, then the inanimate objects in the environment will. The houses, walls and stones in the ground will sing the praises of the Lord of glory.

Sinful people accuse; use His good works to mock Him; humiliate the Lord of heaven and earth; reject His love and mercy. This is the pity of the human race and its ultimate condemnation.

Complete forgiveness is offered to human wretches- grasp it, believe and know peace with God.


Suffering for sin


Firstly, when the Christian is in the deep valley of the shadow, the sins of our hearts are paraded before us- sins of the past and false accusations for the future. We see sin as the beast that it is, ripping apart the life of the soul, and bringing pain and death. Our sins loom large over our psyche and the terror of reliving them crashes over our minds.

Secondly, when God’s child is in pain, the temptation to relate it to our sin is strong. We can see pain as the outworking of our sins and as punishment for what we do wrong. But, all our punishment was bourn away by Jesus, when He died for sin and fulfilled the requirements of God’s holy law, for our sake. Suffering is not so much visited on the bad, as on the good. God refines us through suffering and builds our character to be like His. Our sinful nature regards suffering as an undesirable state, but really, we are kept by God’s power in the middle of it. It is an opportunity to prove God, and build our faith.

But, One is near. He has fought the fight already, and we need never fear. The cross has been lifted high above the earth, and the Son of God has paid the dreadful price for us. Only He knows our inner being, it’s noble and ignoble aspects. He will subjugate our sin and fan into flame the rightness He has put there…

As we walk by faith, so our confidence and strength grows and we are made strong…


The gale


The storm batters our bark as we brave the gale
Over the sea of life’s certain voyage to sail
Mainsails down we are tossed too and fro
At the mercy of the winds that wildly blow.

“All is lost!” the Marriner does vainly call
The waves break repeatedly over timbers all
She plunges down one last and final dip
The briny claims it’s own in a salty grip.

Down and down the vessel sinks
Hope seems lost, but a small light blinks
In the gloom a lantern beacons fast
To save the ship from the crushing grasp.

Follow the light, no matter how dimly small
As sailors sail she will lead them through and all
The lamp of wisdom’s bright and growing beam
Up the ramp of the waves as an ebbing seam.

Once more the daylight breaks as the hull cuts through
A vessel rescued from a shipwreck due
Up onto the surface the timbers hope portray
Gathering up the canvas facing the spray….

The bow pierces the heaving weary seas
The Mariners heave a sigh of relief as the breeze
Catches the mood and the driving rain appease
The fury of the tempest lies down and atrophies.

Vanity Fair


Let us not be decieved, sisters, the pathway is difficult and full of trouble. We walk this world knowing it is false and leads people into a slavery that we cannot see. Vanity Fair will dislodge your faith and blind you to dangers. It will firmly hold you fast and keep you comfortable….

Caught up in the trip of a lifetime
Through the streets of Vanity Fair
Leading you a dance to the playground
Your life’s wish will be always laid bare.

We skip like there’s no tomorrow
The dawn will never recede
Like a game but a pawn on the playboard
At the whim of a master indeed.

The sights make me dazzle and wonder
Such interest that fills up my sight
Owning to me, such baubles as treasure
Is my daily and lifelong delight.

The crowds are so kindly and thoughtful
Bringing me a sense I belong
As I follow the procession down the high street
I become a part of the throng.

The filth, the oppression I fail to see
Taken up with the here and the now
Souls slave and hands are exploited
To see what the fair will allow.

As the mountain of debt and the squalor
Are masked by the glamorous highs
A veil over the eyes of the city
Gives birth to the offspring of lies.



One disappears…

Matthew 24: 41-44: Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.


This is quite a frightening passage of scripture. It describes a day that is coming and no one can stop it. The end of our world, time, human existence. The end of sin, suffering, and death. The beginning of a new age, the age of eternity, where only righteousness reigns, and only the righteous dwell.

At an unsuspecting time, people are just living their lives, when suddenly, something happens- a carastrophic event….The LORD of everything returns to His planet.
Some people will be taken away, and others left. Men and women.
Two women will be working together, maybe even talking together, and one will be taken out of sight, and the other left on the earth.
The one TAKEN is a Christian. She is waiting for the Lord, and has had her life cleaned and made new, through forgiveness. She is a women who belongs to the Lord Jesus, when He returns at the end of all time, she will go to be with Him forever.
The one LEFT is a woman who has never faced the challenge of Christ to repent and turn from evil. She does not think of Him, consider His ways when she makes decisions, has no love for Him. This woman is left on the earth, to face the judgment that all who are left behind will face.

This is a frightening lesson- a view into the future. It is very distressing, and some think the preacher shouldn’t preach it…

But we need to know, and you need to know. When we pass over Jesus, reject his mercy, it will determine where we will spend eternity. Nothing is more important than this.
We do not need to be afraid, as all who are trusting in Him as kept safe from the judgment to come, and He himself has made forgiveness possible.
JESUS RETURN is described as a “thief in the night” If you know when the thief is coming to your house, you will be ready for Him.
If you don’t pay attention, your house will be broken into and ransacked… We all need to be sure we are trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we have right hearts and minds that love Him and are ready for heaven.

Women who glorify God