Absolute Anger

I’m having to think about personal anger in a way that I have never had a think about it before. I have cause to be angry towards a person in a way that I have never felt angry towards anyone ever before in my whole life. This person has thrown me off after 36 years of marriage has decided he wants to go by himself and live his own life. I feel absolute rage towards this person I cannot stand him. I’ve moved from a position of loving him for all these years and supporting him and trying to help him and teach him to be in a position where I don’t care if he dies.

Where does this put me as a Christian? The Bible talks a lot about love a lot about love… and we are to love each other and forgive each other and forbear with each other. God tells us that he himself is love and that everything that he does is love but the flip side of that love is also hate. God hates sin he hates all wrongdoing he hates injustice he hates selfishness he hates oppression and he hates put down and bullying with all his heart.

God also tells us that he is angry with the wicked every day. There are people that he loves and that he will always love and there are people that he hates and he will always hate. There are people who continue to refuse him and refuse the kind of life that he requires us to live and he hates them with a perfect hatred, and he is angry with them every single day.

So in my Christian life I love. I love unreservedly. I love the unlovely. I forgive those who are unforgivable but there is also a space in my life for anger – anger against injustice; anger against oppression; anger against the machine. People who doggedly refuse God, and insist on their own way, never growing up and never facing responsibility.

God is angry at the lazy ones and those who selfishly pursue their own ends.

So l live, as God lives, with love and anger. I must learn how to weld the two swords and seek the absolute wisdom of God. God loves and He hates, and so must I. Love mercy and justice and hate prejudice and unfairness. God help us to be as He is…

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